Carmen is ultra conservative and a bit naive for a woman of 25, but her life is getting ready to change. Until now she has lived in an old house on 80 acres of wild Arkansas country managing a goat dairy. Her fiance is a wealthy ex-salesman turned into a veterinarian.
   To her way of thinking, Carmen had to make a decision between Alex and the children she has always wanted. Alex was engaged once before to someone who left him standing at the altar. They each have concerns about their ability to satisfy the other long term. Each harbors secrets born of fear.
   Like all newlyweds, they must learn to communicate effectively. Carmen must let go of one dream before she can embrace another. Letting go isn’t easy, especially when she’s convinced she can have both.

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Something Old, Something New
    Book 2 in the Carmen & Alex Series Clean Romance by
Linda Louise Rigsbee
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   Conservative, naive and tenacious; Carmen has made a choice between children and the man she loves. Until she met Alex, her grandest dream was to have children. Alex says he can’t have children, but Carmen isn’t convinced that is true.
   Carmen is used to a simple life where an inside toilet is a recent luxury. Alex is wealthy and worldly. Carmen has old fashioned morals that are sometimes difficult for Alex to understand. Carmen is self-conscious about her social shortcomings, but she isn’t sure she wants to change. In some ways she is childlike, wanting Alex to make the decisions and not wanting to tell him things because he might disapprove. She has a lot of growing up to do, but she introduces some thought provoking questions about conflicts in the evolution of morality.
Carmen is shamed by the intensity of her feelings for Alex and finds diversion by helping Alex’s sister with new twin nephews. She thinks she is giving Alex relief until he explodes one evening when she is late coming home. They both must learn to communicate if their young marriage is to survive.

   The second book in the “Carmen & Alex Series” clean romance novels, “Something Old, Something New” begins two weeks before the wedding of Carmen and Alex. Like all books by Linda Louise Rigsbee, it is void of profanity and explicit sex scenes. Even the first night after their wedding is addressed without detailed description.

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